Friday Eve Favorites: Spring Storage

Hello lovelies! My, what a week this has been. Am I right or am I right? (Insert eye roll and sigh here.) I am SO ready for this weekend — and for Thrive! I’m heading to the Woodlands early tomorrow afternoon for a little pre-conference pampering then it’s a busy few days of networking and learning. Cannot wait! And to put off packing just a little while longer, I’m kicking off a new series on L. Rose tonight which I’ve appropriately named Friday Eve Favorites. I’m super excited about this series, in which I’ll share some of my current favorites in various categories (think top fashion picks, baby buys, seasonal must-haves, gift ideas, etc.) and share them with you! And for this first Friday Eve Favorites, I’ve rounded up my favorite spring storage solutions.

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Simple, Functional Storage: Open Shelves


I’ve always loved open shelves in kitchens. They make for all sorts of fun shelfies — am I right? — and can be styled so beautifully while also serving a great function in a busy space in the home. Our three-story townhome has all the living space on the first floor (living room, kitchen and dining room), something we immediately loved about this house. From the minute you walk in the front door, you can see through the living room and into the kitchen and dining room, giving the space a very open and inviting feel. However, storage is limited and our kitchen is on the small side. So we’re currently toying with the idea of installing open shelves in our dining room — a simple yet super functional storage solution.

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Serve it Up – Buffet Style

buffet kirklands

Ever since we moved into our home (over two years ago), I have been window shopping for my dream buffet table to go in the formal dining room. We own a lovely little hutch – which is mostly filled with wedding gifts; but after inheriting my mother’s fine china and my grandmother’s serving dishes, it has become quite crowded and needless to say the beautiful vintage pieces deserve a home of their own.

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