5-Minute Makeup


Ever since having my son, “me” time is more precious than ever — and that includes the time it takes me to get ready each day. Whether I’m in yoga pants and a messy pony or actually get dressed for the day, there’s one thing I always include in my routine: makeup. For me, taking a few minutes everyday to apply some makeup makes me feel fresh and beautiful and ready to start my day. And even with pretty sensitive skin, I’ve now mastered what I call my 5-minute makeup routine, and with that comes the need for quality makeup I can count on.

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Morning Routine for a Mom of Three


My morning routine has changed dramatically, especially as of recent with the addition of our third baby boy. Gone are the days of mornings where I only worried about one person needing to get ready and out the door. Charged with the task of getting three wee ones ready for the day (and only one is truly capable of getting his own, sometimes, coordinated clothes on) my mornings are nothing short of a three-ringed circus.

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