The “Stuff” Solution: Choopie CityBucket

Happy Friday eve, friends! Hope you all had a lovely Fourth of July. We got together with friends, ate lots of BBQ, drank sparkling spiked lemonade, cooled off with patriotic popsicles and the kids splashed around in the sprinklers. No fireworks for this family… we were all in bed by dark. It was the best day! The only downside to a mid-week holiday is that it makes the rest of the week drag on f-o-r-e-v-e-r… But to combat the weekday blues, it’s giveaway time!

It’s the common scene for any parent toting around a child: you’re carrying an obscene amount of “stuff” either in your pockets or your purse or diaper bag or trying to juggle it all while holding your child on your hip. From diapers and wipes to toys and snacks and sunscreen and water, plus your wallet, keys, phone and of course, coffee, it seems that our hands are never free. I’ve migrated away from my giant diaper bag days and use this Madewell tote to carry most of our daily “stuff.” But when I’m pushing the stroller, I want to be “stuff” free and I’ve now found the ultimate solution for that.

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Mail Call

Mail Call - Respond to paper in one of three ways.

There are weeks when I check the mail daily and there are days when I haven’t checked the mail in almost a week. Either way, there is always a guarantee of an abundance of paper that walks into the door with me. I have learned to deal with paper in very specific ways because among bills, kids’ school papers and junk mail, it can act like a fast-growing mold that takes over the counter tops, tabletops and any nook and crevice that a piece of paper can fit into.

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