Kitchen Pantry Organization with Eco Modern Concierge

Happy Friday — and happy holidays, friends! I’m so excited to share this post with all of you. I’ve written about our kitchen before and as our family has grown, the smaller size and limited storage have become more and more apparent. The kitchen is the hub of our home, and even more so during the holidays. As most families can relate, we constantly spend time together in the kitchen. Our open floor plan (kitchen, living room and dining room) is something I absolutely love about our home. It creates an easy flow for entertaining and allows me to cook while also keeping an eye on Morgan in the other room. But the downside? Limited storage.

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Simple, Functional Storage: Open Shelves


I’ve always loved open shelves in kitchens. They make for all sorts of fun shelfies — am I right? — and can be styled so beautifully while also serving a great function in a busy space in the home. Our three-story townhome has all the living space on the first floor (living room, kitchen and dining room), something we immediately loved about this house. From the minute you walk in the front door, you can see through the living room and into the kitchen and dining room, giving the space a very open and inviting feel. However, storage is limited and our kitchen is on the small side. So we’re currently toying with the idea of installing open shelves in our dining room — a simple yet super functional storage solution.

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Moving On Up: Kitchen Reno

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that things are happening… big, exciting, woohoo type of things? Well, we are officially homeowners! We closed on our home in late April and since then, we’ve been busy prepping our new home for move-in. With contractors working around the clock, things have been much less than calm but so very exciting!

As first-time homebuyers, we certainly have a lot to learn along the way but I have to admit that it’s been so much fun so far. From picking paint colors to deciding which hardware fits best in which space, we’re already seeing how minor adjustments can make a big statement. I’ll be doing a series of updates as we move into our new home and this is just a sneak-peek into the kitchen.

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