Product Review: Coconut Oil


Here at R&R, we are always willing to test out new products to review for you and today I’m bringing you some beautifying and soothing items to try. If you like coconut you’re in for a special treat! The JĀSÖN® product line takes itself very seriously – they started their little company back in 1959 and have stuck to their roots using only wholesome ingredients such as apricot oil, wheat protein, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and even peppermint oil. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

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Beauty Review: Products to Love

Until recently, I had the same hairstyle for most of my adult life. In case you missed it, I shared a little bit of that journey here. And with this new hairstyle comes new styling — and while I’m certainly no expert, I have to say that the biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that the hair products are just as important as the cut itself. With wavy hair that can be fussy and unruly at times, I tend to blow dry it or throw it up in a pony on a lazy day. I used to pick up some mousse or serum from the drugstore for styling, and while many of those products suffice, my locks have fallen in love with a few new products that are just divine.

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