My Skincare Routine

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As a little girl, I remember always getting the free gift-with-purchase items that my mom would get from the Clinique makeup counter. The fun, colorful bag filled with lotions and potions, different shades of lipstick (that would be far too dark for me today, let alone a 10-year-old), blush palettes and more. This love of makeup has stuck with me since those early years — though I’ve pared it down to 5-minutes most days. And I’ve learned that it’s what’s underneath the makeup that requires the most care. Today, taking good care of my skin while using quality, healthy products is more critical than ever.

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Healthier Hair with Rapunzel’s Potion

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Over the years, I’ve become pretty attached to my hair care regimen, but motherhood has completely changed the texture and thickness of my hair, even causing me to lose some of it… and not just because I’m pulling my hair out some days! There are many products that I continue to swear by but I’ve also been trying out a couple of all natural, herbal options with Rapunzel’s Potion to make my mane stronger and healthier.

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Morning Routine for a Mom of Three


My morning routine has changed dramatically, especially as of recent with the addition of our third baby boy. Gone are the days of mornings where I only worried about one person needing to get ready and out the door. Charged with the task of getting three wee ones ready for the day (and only one is truly capable of getting his own, sometimes, coordinated clothes on) my mornings are nothing short of a three-ringed circus.

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