Crockpot Paleo Chicken Tortilla Soup

We’re wrapping up week two of our paleo diet and I can already feel the difference of eating clean. While I’m not doing Whole 30, I’ve cut out all carbs, dairy and sugar — so I guess it’s not really that far off. I had to get over the initial slump of feeling lousy, wanting to eat everything in sight and desperately missing my Diet Coke. But now my diet is getting into a rhythm and I can already notice a change in my appetite and cravings. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I like almond milk this go around! Who knew? Of course, meal planning is key, and when researching dinners, I came across several variations of paleo chicken tortilla soup. So I took my own spin on the dish — and it turned out really delicious and filling (and husband approved).

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I Love You a Latke

I know what you’re probably thinking: what the heck is a latke? It’s a fancy Yiddish word for potato pancake. But in my world, it’s so much more. Latkes mean Hanukkah is here! Lately I’ve come across so many people who are unfamiliar with Hanukkah. And I’ve even met some who’ve never met a Jew! Hard to believe in 2016 (especially in such a culturally diverse city like Houston), but it’s true. This is a reality for the Jewish people. There are a lot less of us than there were 100 years ago… and if you don’t know that story then please brush up on your world history. So, if this is the first time you’ve read about latkes, I can’t say I’m super surprised. But oh boy, your world is about to get a whole lot latke yummier.

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Homemade Holiday Pop-Tarts


Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned pop-tart for breakfast? Am I right or am I right? For the holidays, I tend to go for the traditional desserts like pecan or pumpkin pie (or my famous pumpkin bars), but this year I decided to try my hand at a little non-traditional treat that’s appealing to everyone around the holiday table, from young tots to grandma and grandpa… homemade holiday pop-tarts.

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