DIY – Homemade Hand Soap

FoamyHandSoap1 R&R

With little ones coming home from school, Pre-K and daycare, I have hand soap in pretty much every place possible in my home. So much so that I realized I was spending so much on these little bottles that I decided to begin making my own. I’m in love with my essential oils and if you are one of those folks who hasn’t dived into this natural approach, I will say that for me, it’s an investment in my family’s health.

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DIY – Work for Hire


We tend to think that we have this whole parenting thing down to a science and then WHAM! Out of nowhere, it seems, our little one will throw a major curve ball that leaves our heads spinning. I’m talking chores, charts, allowances and a super easy diy project that will maybe help or at least inspire how you teach that big R word to your kids. (you know what I’m talking about – responsibility!)

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DIY – Sugar Body Scrub

Sugar Scrub - www.ruthieandrose.comSeveral weeks ago I was able to go on a long-awaited and much-needed girls weekend. There was six of us and we had two and a half relaxing days with delicious food, drinks and all the chick flicks we could ask for. We always like to do some sort of DIY on this bi-annual occasion and making a sweet-smelling sugar scrub was just the ticket during this kid-free weekend.

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