50 Under $50


Happy Thanksgiving! This year is baby’s first turkey day and I’ve promised myself to put down technology and step away from social as much as I can in order to devote my time today to family… and food. BUT if you’re settling into the couch and currently experiencing a pie coma like me, then you’re in luck because I’ve pulled together the ultimate gift guide to help you snag those holiday must-haves for the gals in your life! Whether you’re shopping for mom, grandma, your sister or a friend, here are some gift ideas for the girls — all under $50!

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Organized Family Files


Several years ago I read a simple article from BHG that forever changed the way I deal with paper that comes into my home. We all have the usual bills and junk mail that rotates through the cycle of either pay, respond, or file, but the last one is usually the kicker. These are the important documents that you need to file away, but will, on occasion need to access. It took some dedication, but having a system in place for getting organized family files makes it easier to file things in the future.

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Simple, Functional Storage: Open Shelves


I’ve always loved open shelves in kitchens. They make for all sorts of fun shelfies — am I right? — and can be styled so beautifully while also serving a great function in a busy space in the home. Our three-story townhome has all the living space on the first floor (living room, kitchen and dining room), something we immediately loved about this house. From the minute you walk in the front door, you can see through the living room and into the kitchen and dining room, giving the space a very open and inviting feel. However, storage is limited and our kitchen is on the small side. So we’re currently toying with the idea of installing open shelves in our dining room — a simple yet super functional storage solution.

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