Morgan’s Wild One Birthday

And just like that, Morgan is officially ONE and to be honest, I really can’t even believe I’m typing those words. The last year went by quicker than I could’ve ever imagined and though I know time has a way of slipping by, I pray that it goes a little slower in 2017.

It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital. I remember holding on to our 7 1/2 lb little love while devouring fresh fajitas and thinking to myself, ‘well, this isn’t so hard.’ Little did I know at the time what was in store. It was hectic and busy and there were days when we seemed to never come up for air. But every single milestone was celebrated to the millionth degree — every coo, snuggle, roll, crawl, smile, giggle. The first time he slept through the night. The first time he ate solids. The first week we went without dealing with a reflux disaster. And now, he’s a big boy — wild one. It’s like we blinked and bam, we have a toddler. And to be completely honest, it’s hard to remember life before him.

The best part of being a parent is watching your little one’s personality come to life, and I have a feeling Morgan will be just like his daddy. A gentle giant. A smart, sweet soul. He’s fiercely independent and loves playing on his own. But he’s also such a snuggler, climbing into my lap for a quiet moment and some hugs. He is so curious, always trying to figure out how something opens or works. He has the sweetest smile, the biggest belly laugh, and loves to play games and make silly noises. I live for the moments when Dr. P comes home from work and Morgan gets so wildly excited to see him. Or when he bumps his truck into our dog Loui and laughs for a minute straight. Or when he jumps and squeals when I walk into his room in the morning. The list is truly endless.

I’ve often heard people say that first birthdays are also about celebrating the parents. For getting through, surviving together, being a team, raising a tiny human. I think Dr. P and I certainly felt a bit of that. We both had various career changes over the last year. We took trips with our little man in tow. We trusted others (even strangers who have now become like family) with caring for Morgan so we could take the time we needed to stay connected as a couple. We made countless decisions about feeding, sleeping, safety. We shared responsibilities. We tag-teamed this whole parenting thing hand in hand for an entire year without any first-hand knowledge of what the heck we were doing. And we managed to raise a pretty darn cute little boy in the process.

Morgan, we love your wild and sweet personality. You are the best thing that has ever happened to us and I’m the luckiest that I’m your mommy. I can’t wait to watch you grow and learn and love. We love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky!

Photography by Meredith Flaherty

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  • Tara Hoegh Cunningham

    Beautiful pictures Laurie! Looks like Morgan had a fantastic and wild 1st birthday! Can’t believe he is already 1 he’s soon adorable!

    • Thank you, Tara! I can hardly believe he’s one either. Your baby boy will be here before you know it! xo