2017: Embracing the Imperfections

Happy New Year! 2017, how did that happen? Guys I really can’t believe that 2016 has already come and gone. I know for many it was a pretty rough year but for me it was nothing but magic — all of which revolved around the birth of my son. And now he’s almost a year old! WHAT? So not ready for that. But I will say, it felt really good to relax and take a step back during the holidays. I spent a ton of quality time with those I love and even got away for a few days with my boys. And in the midst of all the celebration and holiday festivity, I also made some time to think about the year ahead.

A lot of people choose a singular word to define their upcoming year. And I often fall into this category too, picking one word to aspire to live by for the next 365 days. But I’ve had a lot on my mind and for some reason can’t seem to narrow it down… a lot of reflection coupled with a lot of indecisiveness, I guess. Of course I’ve seen a lot of inspiring words floating around like courage, bold, perspective, authentic… all of which I certainly hope to achieve in this year, but still, nothing really spoke to me wholeheartedly.

Then it occurred to me: why must we pick just one word? Why not choose a concept instead?

I shared a bit about this on Instagram a couple days ago but to dive deeper, I am pinky promising myself to embrace my imperfections in 2017.

As I’m sure many of you can relate, I’m hyper critical of myself pretty much all the time. Am I making the right decision for my child? Does this outfit make me look fat? Why did I eat that instead of making a healthier choice? How can I possibly have so many wrinkles already? Why haven’t I found the time to finish that project? Why do I smile so awkwardly when I laugh? The list is endless.

Outwardly I’m this fun-loving, gregarious, confident woman. And I am all of those things — but like everyone, I often let my insecurities and imperfections weigh me down. I question myself constantly and this holds me back in every possible sense. So this year, I’m committing to embracing my imperfections that are actually pretty perfect at making me, well, me.

That is my smile.

That pizza tasted delicious.

You are a good mom.

Wear that outfit because damn girl, you look hot.

Is there even a “word” to describe my goal this year? As I was mulling over this concept during the holidays, some of my closest friends shared that this is something they struggle with too. One friend suggested the word enough and I absolutely LOVE this word because it is exactly what I need to tell myself every single day. But the thing is, it doesn’t fully describe the commitment I need to make in 2017.

I need to embrace my imperfections AND remind myself that I’m enough.

I’ve also narrowed down my New Year’s resolutions for the year: beginning with losing the last of the baby weight by going paleo starting today. Yes, TODAY! I also plan to read more books this year (instead of my downtime always consisting of scrolling social media and watching TV). I plan to work out more, take on more projects, and Dr. P and I have even made a few joint resolutions for our marriage which I’ll share in an upcoming post.

You’ll see some new things around the blog in 2017 too. Now that I’m running things solo, I really want it to be a true reflection of who I am. I’m toying with some different ideas, and I’m super excited to turn them into action. Can’t wait for you to join me on the journey.

What are your goals and aspirations for the new year? Do you have a word of the year or are you thinking more broadly like me and embracing a concept instead? Whether you pick a word, a concept or heck, nothing at all, I hope 2017 is full of so much magic for all of you! And as we learn to embrace the imperfections within ourselves, may we also embrace those within each other, recognizing that we are all human, fighting our own battles, living our own story, and making 2017 our own year.