5-Minute Makeup


Ever since having my son, “me” time is more precious than ever — and that includes the time it takes me to get ready each day. Whether I’m in yoga pants and a messy pony or actually get dressed for the day, there’s one thing I always include in my routine: makeup. For me, taking a few minutes everyday to apply some makeup makes me feel fresh and beautiful and ready to start my day. And even with pretty sensitive skin, I’ve now mastered what I call my 5-minute makeup routine, and with that comes the need for quality makeup I can count on.

Let me also say that this post isn’t sponsored. I’m sharing this today because I truly LOVE these products. They work well for me on a daily basis and have become my 5-minute makeup of choice!

To start, I use either Trish McEvoy concealer or the Clinique foundation/concealer combo, or sometimes a combination of the two. I use these to correct any blemishes, cover my under-eye circles and reduce redness. I love the overall coverage these provide without feeling heavy. I actually just discovered the Clinique product and am now absolutely OBSESSED with it. Clinique has upped their game over the years. And it shows. Then I apply a little Laura Mercier mineral pressed powder all over my face, blending underneath my chin and onto my neck. Next up, I use this bronzer/highlighter combo and apply a little blush on the apples of my cheeks. FACE = DONE.



The only other remaining elements of my 5-minute makeup routine are a quick liner, curl of the lashes and mascara. I use the Trish lash curler (although I’ve heard amazing things about this one and am dying to try it). For eyeliner, I use 24-hour eyeshadow/liner sticks. I have several of the colors — smokey emerald is my FAVE, y’all. Perfect for blue eyes and brown hair. For mascara, I keep going back to this high impact option. It’s great for quick daily applications. If I have a few extra minutes to prep for the day, I’ll fill in my brows and add a little shimmery eye base or shadow.

And last but certainly not least: lipstick. I’m not a lipgloss girl. This one in “beauty” is my absolute favorite (and if you know me IRL then you’ve seen me wear it for legit 10+ years). But I also recently found some really beautiful Sonia Kashuk options at Target!

By the way, all of my brushes are Trish McEvoy. They are a bit of an investment but they are very high quality and have lasted for years!

PS – I recently changed my entire skincare routine too! Another post for another day…


  • I love Clinique products. They are so fabulous!

    Cheers, J

    • Love their lipsticks. Been wearing the same shade for years!

  • Looking fantastic! My 5 minute makeup routine is just a hot mess haha I need to look into some of these products :)

  • Nothing like a face full of makeup to feel refreshed and ready for whatever comes when “me time” ends!

  • Heather Petrey

    I’m impressed that you can do your makeup in 5 mins! It takes me like at least 30…lol. Will have to look into the brands you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!

    • When I have 30 minutes to do my make-up, I take advantage! But this quick 5-minute routine is great for those quick mornings. :)

  • Nicole Kestenbaum

    You look absolutely beautiful and natural! I had been curious about how that Clinique foundation works but I can see it looks flawless. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you!! Have been very pleased with the foundation — curious to know what you think too!

  • Love this look! As a personal trainer I rarely wear makeup, but this one I would definitely try. Can’t go wrong with 5 mins!

  • Yes! I love this look! I love how natural it is and how it only takes 5 minutes. Get it girl!

    • Thanks Michelle! I prefer natural with a little lip color for any average day. :)

  • Bridget Marburger

    5 minutes, count me in! I love the natural / minimal look :)

  • Nancy

    I tried a sample of the Clinique foundation and love how natural the finish is with my beauty blender. I’m also always a sucker for really quick makeup looks :)

    • Never tried a beauty blender! Do you love it? Do tell. :)

  • Keri Ann Reardon

    I love your naturally beautiful face. Thanks for sharing your go to products!

    • Wow, thank you! Changed up my skincare regimen recently and I have to admit that it’s done wonders for my complexion. Appreciate that so much!

  • Naomi Trevino

    Love it. I need to get some of that Laura Mercier powder. I have heard a thousand times how awesome it is.