Morning Routine for a Mom of Three


My morning routine has changed dramatically, especially as of recent with the addition of our third baby boy. Gone are the days of mornings where I only worried about one person needing to get ready and out the door. Charged with the task of getting three wee ones ready for the day (and only one is truly capable of getting his own, sometimes, coordinated clothes on) my mornings are nothing short of a three-ringed circus.

Next to dinner and bedtime routines, mornings are usually the busiest, most fast-paced part of my day. So when my infant son woke between 4:30 and 5:00AM regularly for a feeding when I was on maternity leave, I took advantage of the quiet in the early hours. And while everyone else was still asleep, I was able to create a new sort of morning routine for myself.

Now to be completely transparent, his sleep schedule has changed since then. My chubby little alarm clock no longer wakes me at that early hour. However, when I can muster the willpower, I still like to wake early, have my coffee and quiet time to get my day started on the right foot. I feel so much better about my days when I can get that time to reflect, soak in and well, just be still.

My beauty routine is a whole other thing. Once the quiet is over, it’s time to pack lunches, sign homework folders and try to squeeze in a shower before I have kiddos asking for milk and a million other things. It’s a plus to simply stick to my daily facial care system. (I use this one!) This line is totally worth the multiple steps! And I’m lucky to get a day or two out of the week that I actually do my makeup in front of a bathroom mirror. It’s evident that the top knot with tortoise shell frames have become my go-to look and I never leave the house without my trusty coffee mug in hand.



I would love to change certain things about my morning routine, like going for an early morning run the way I used to do back in college. But at this point in my life, I just can’t do it all and that’s okay. Someday there won’t be a little one needing me to change him, comb his hair or get him milk and there will be more time for myself. In the mean time, I’m surviving on coffee and quiet times. What does your morning routine look like?