Fall Front Porch Decor


Fall is my favorite season of the year, and although the Texas weather hasn’t quite taken a cold turn yet (we’re desperately waiting!) it feels nice to decorate for the festive months ahead. For me, that means a special trip to the nursery and pumpkin patch — it’s time for fall front porch decor!

The south is known for wrap-around porches, porch swings, rocking chairs and the like, so when we found our home, it was truly love at first sight. Our little urban home boasts a beautiful front porch that has become a special spot for us. Whether we’re enjoying our morning coffee, reading books and singing to our son, sipping a glass of wine in the evenings, or simply listening to the stillness of the neighborhood (yes, believe it or not, our urban porch is quiet!), it’s been such a wonderfully charming and warm element of our home.

When I decorate for fall, I like to keep it simple and seasonal. Mums are so beautiful and bright this time of year — they are a must! I tend to add a mix of pumpkins, too. Different sizes and shapes help to create fun arrangements on our front porch and staircase. The baby pumpkins are just so cute! We hung some fresh greenery as well, which I think adds a bit of romance to the space.








Our home has been overrun with toys and little boy fingers that can reach just about everything these days, so sadly our interior fall decor isn’t as festive as it once was. That being said, I just LOVE decorating for this time of year — so I’ve linked a few of my fave fall finds below! My fall decor also wouldn’t be complete without my favorite fall scented candle. Now if only it would cool off enough to sip warm cider outside…

Happy fall, y’all!

  • Bridget

    I love your fall porch decor!!! it all looks great! Thanks for the inspo!!!

  • This is so pretty!! I love the pumpkins and mums, they are so perfect to get you in the fall mood!!

    • Thanks doll! We embrace the fall — it’s one of the only times of year we get to enjoy pretty plants and flowers in Texas!

  • Love it!! It’s the perfect pop of color to subtly say that fall arrived. Super cute!

  • Sheila Echols-Smesny

    Beautiful layout, I need to up my front porch game!

    • Thank you! A few small festive additions can make a big difference! Good luck!

  • Amy Gougler

    So pretty and perfect for fall! I currently live in a townhouse and wish I had more front porch space to decorate beautifully like this!

    • Give it a go! Even on small porches, little touches can be so cute this time of year.

  • Naomi Trevino

    wow this is stunning ladies. Such a great post :)

  • Too cute to handle! I can’t wait until we have a home and a real porch. Enjoy your Halloween!

  • Lindsey Lyons

    I love your front porch!!! So cute!!

  • We just set up our fall porch at home too. It was hard work! I love your design, especially how you stacked the different color pumpkins on top of each other! So pretty

    • That was my husband’s idea, I must admit. Turned out cute! Thanks Laura!