DIY – Homemade Hand Soap

FoamyHandSoap1 R&R

With little ones coming home from school, Pre-K and daycare, I have hand soap in pretty much every place possible in my home. So much so that I realized I was spending so much on these little bottles that I decided to begin making my own. I’m in love with my essential oils and if you are one of those folks who hasn’t dived into this natural approach, I will say that for me, it’s an investment in my family’s health.

I use this particular kind of essential oils (more on that if you’d like!) but if you just want to try them out, you can easily and affordably start with a few oils from your local health food grocer. And in less than a few minutes, you’ll have good-smelling, all-natural soap that also helps to keep the germs away!

Bonus – when using essential oils, your hands obtain some of the oil compounds and don’t dry out like typical hand soap because there’s no alcohol or chemicals in it.

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What you’ll need:

– Pump bottle(s) (found the frosted glass one on the left from Marshalls)
– Castile Soap, unscented (bought mine at Sprout’s)
– Essential oils (I used Lemon, Citrus Bliss, and one called On-Guard that has a blend of anti-bacterial properties)
– Water

FoamyHandSoap3 R&R

First add in the soap. Now depending on how many fluid ounces your pump bottle holds (usually 8-16 oz.) you’ll want to put in 2-3 tablespoons of the castile soap in first.

Next add the essential oils, 10-15 drops of each. You can blend different kinds of oils for where you intend to use them. For example, lemon is perfect for soap by the kitchen sink and citrus and lavender is great for a powder bathroom.

And last add the water. Tilt the soap bottle under the faucet and slowly turn on the water – you don’t want it to create a lot of suds! Leave space at the top so when you screw in the lid, it won’t overflow – see that extra space at the top in the photo above? Like that!

Shake up the bottle a little, pump it a few times and you’re good to go! I love making my homemade hand soap. It costs pennies per bottle and I like knowing that I’m using a natural product in my house while keeping nasty germs at bay because I believe a healthy home is a happy home.