Beach Babies


Like many people, we tend to plan big trips in advance, about six months to a year ahead of time. But when I was six months pregnant last December, looking ahead that far in advance felt unimaginable. Trying to plan for a vacation as a family of five when you’re still only a family of four, can be quite intimidating. Now I realize it’s almost fall (c’mon apple cider weather!) but you may already be planning next year’s spring or summer getaway.

With not knowing our new baby yet, we first knew we wanted somewhere relatively close by, within driving distance. Secondly, we wanted a place we had never been to before. And third, it had to be kid-friendly. We found all those things at a great little resort just south of Galveston, TX near Jamaica Beach. Under new ownership, the resort has undergone some changes but it had almost everything we needed. However, here’s my short list for must-pack items for mom and baby when going to the beach.




For baby:
– Umbrella stroller
– Boppy pillow
– Tent with a water resistant blanket (similar here)
– Fitted sheet (For that portable crib you might borrow from the resort – see below.)
– Bonus hint: Call the resort a day or two ahead of check-in to reserve a portable crib – we didn’t bring a pack ‘n play and almost had to learn this lesson the hard way – we got the very last one available!

For mom:
– Hat: I got my Columbia hat from a sporting goods store and I love it! Enough structure that it doesn’t just flop down over your face.
– Nursing cover: This adorable chevron stripe cover is a multi-purpose scarf and nursing cover in one!
– Front carrier: A life (and arms/hands) saver, I used this one pretty much everyday of the trip.
– Wagon: Okay, this one was really for the hubs, but it was amazing that we could put all our beach crap, oops, I mean gear, in it and travel in one trip from the car to our spot on the beach. It saved a lot of headaches and it folds compactly when it’s not in use.

For our first trip as a party of five, it was certainly the little things that made such a big impact. I have a feeling it will be that way for years to come.