Bumpdate: Six Weeks & Counting

Version 2It’s hard to believe that we’re just 6 weeks (or less, eek!) from meeting our peanut. Pregnancy has really flown by and the nesting phase is now in full swing!

Since Sunday, I’ve been running on huge happiness. I’ll be washing the dishes or taking a shower or simply running errands and then all of a sudden it hits me and tears of joy start streaming down my face. To say that we are blessed is an understatement.

Some of my nearest and dearest friends threw us a beautiful baby shower over the weekend and it was simply perfect. Initially, I didn’t think I wanted a shower — but after several sweet offers and some persuading, I came around to the idea, and I’m so happy that I did. With my closest friends and family members in the room, I was surrounded by more love and warmth than I could have ever imagined. And not only was the occasion so incredibly wonderfully thoughtful, but they incorporated our #picklepartyof3 theme into the day and it was just darling!

Version 2

Version 2

There are few moments in life that leave me speechless — but Sunday was one of them. Looking around the room, it was clear that our bundle of joy will come into this world surrounded by so much love. And the sheer thought of holding our precious blessing in our arms so soon seems more and more real by the day. As I folded clothes last night and tucked them into their new home in the nursery, I couldn’t help but stop and give thanks for how lucky I am in this life. We can’t wait to meet you, little nugget. See you soon.