A Little Breath of Fresh Air

The hubs, Loui and I have now been in our new home for a little over a week and this place already feels extra special. A move can really take it out of you and I feel like I’ve been dragging through the days with next to no sleep lately. If you’re a perfectionist like me, then you hope to have everything in its place, styled and spotless in the blink of an eye. Thankfully, my sweet husband is often the voice of reason, keeping me calm among the boxes and to-dos around the house.

I’m drawn to neutrals with pops of print and have really stuck to my guns when it comes to designing the spaces throughout the home. Can’t fault a girl who knows what she likes, right? It’s been a breath of fresh air getting to style our new home and with the help of some online experts from Havenly, our living room is nearly completed. It just needs a few finishing touches and some art but otherwise, getting very close! I can’t wait to share the full reveal in the coming weeks.

One of my favorite things though is something I didn’t think about or expect: peace and quiet.


Apartment life is noisy. From your neighbors’ doors shutting to people shouting, cars driving by, maintenance crew pushing their carts down the hallway and just the general effect of having to share walls on every side of your apartment, peace and quiet isn’t something you really get to experience much of as a renter. And since I work from home, it can take its toll. And so it’s been a very welcomed surprise to experience the peace and quiet of homeownership.

We live in a gated community so immediately, everything is more private. The neighborhood is central and close to so many of the things that we love but doesn’t have the noise of city living. The peace and quiet has allowed for more restful nights, less stress overall, and more focus on ourselves and each other.

Other little things I’m loving about our new home? How our little Loui loves running up and down the stairs, the spacious master shower, parking in our very own garage, our giant walk-in closet, the friendly mailman and neighbors who walk their dogs in the morning, the fact that our grill is no longer living in storage, the proximity to all of our friends and family, sitting on our front porch, and most of all, knowing that we will create so many wonderful, new memories here.

Now, time to tackle the office and guestroom!