Hi, I’ve Missed You

I’ve been the worst — THE WORST — about posting lately, you guys. As I sit here typing, I’m beating myself up about not posting it yesterday which I was planning to do. Trying to juggle a bajillion things is starting to take a toll on my sanity but things are happening (big, exciting, woohoo type of things) and it feels like I’ll soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you follow us on Instagram, you likely saw that the hubs and I got away for a few days to gorgeous Santa Fe for an extended weekend. It was easily the best idea we’ve had in a long time… I desperately needed a reboot. It’s a sleepy little town with great art, culture and character, incredible food and stunning scenery. I am already yearning to go back!

While you can expect a full recap later in the week, I just wanted to check in and say hi and let you know I’m thinking of you all. This space is where I feel grounded in the midst of the madness that seems to consume my days lately — so thank you for letting me be a crazy woman over the last few weeks. I’ll be back in action in no time and in the meantime, here are some pretty pictures for you to look at. Oh, and I posted more Santa Fe pics on my Instagram too, so check them out. ;)

Back soon — ciao for now!


  • I can’t wait to see/hear everything about Santa Fe! We’re planning on going there this summer. I haven’t been since I was a kiddo!

    • You will LOVE it! We had never been before, so it was such a treat. Recap post coming up tomorrow. :)