DIY – Sharpie Mug

DIY Sharpie Mug -

I received an adorable gift for my birthday back in January that is right up my alley and I’ve finally decided what to do with it. Did I mention it’s a coffee mug? So the obvious answer may be to drink coffee, right? Yes, drink coffee I will – now that I’ve designed it to be my own perfectly imperfect coffee cup!

The mug is a duel-colored ceramic that came with an oil pen so I could add my own unique touch to it. While I loved the idea of decorating my own mug, I struggled with finding the perfect design that I could be once-and-for-all happy with. So I collected all sorts of ideas on my own Sharpie mug inspiration board on Pinterest. I kept finding all these intricate designs that others had pinned and said they did it themselves, but no one quite fully explained how.

I searched a little deeper and found a half-way decent representation for how to get an intricate design easily transferred to my mug. So here are the steps and a few things you’ll need for your DIY mug:

– Ceramic mug
– Oil pen or Sharpie (oil-based works best for staying power)
– Pencil
– Printer
– Tape
– Scissors

1. Gather all supplies you’ll need.
2. Print your design on regular copy paper and trim to fit on your mug. (Turns out I liked many elements from the designs I found on Pinterest, so I ended up creating my own using a phrase I love!)
3. Shade the area on the back of the design with a not-too-sharp pencil.
4. Position your design where you want it on your mug and tape it in place.
5. With the same pencil, firmly trace your design – make sure to get each and every little detail!
6. Take off the design and begin to trace each pencil line with your oil-based Sharpie pen.

Last but not least, let your mug set for 24 hours. Then place on a clean baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. And now – enjoy your mug! TIP: Even though oil-based pens or Sharpies are recommended, it’s still best to hand-wash your coffee mug to ensure the longevity of your design.

I am definitely happy with how it turned out – and I will certainly make another now that I know the easy trick! But I’ll also say that I would make my design ever-so-slightly larger. I underestimated the thickness of my oil pen, so some of the design did not come out quite as clear as I wanted. But still – it’s something unique I made – which I love – and that’s what counts!

  • Monica Weinheimer

    Cute idea! I’ll need to try that!