DIY – Fun with Easter Egg Dye

Easter Egg Dye Fun

With Easter next week, it certainly feels like spring – which on the one hand, I love the sunshine and warmer weather, but it has also meant the whole family has come down with a terrible case of allergies from all the oak pollen that is falling right now.

We’re trying to make the best of it and ignore the fact that we can’t play much outside – so this was the weekend to dye our Easter eggs! I bought a dye kit from Target (it had glitter, so that sounded fun) and C and I boiled and dyed the eggs – it was all too much fun.

Afterwards, we had all the leftover colorful cups full of the vinegary dye, so I took my sister-in-law’s advice on how the kids can continue the fun, long after the eggs are dried. Bring out the baking soda! I’m not kidding, this easy DIY kept C busy for almost an hour. Spread out a layer of baking soda into a shallow container (I used an old plastic container that I didn’t mind getting messy).

Next, if you have a small medicine or eye dropper (that you no longer use, of course) or something similar that can suck up the dye to drop it onto the baking soda, it will work best. C just used a spoon which worked fine too. Ready for a good ol’ elementary school science experiment?

The vinegar in the dye reacted with the baking soda and fizzed up…and since we already had glitter in our dye – that made for even better fizzy, glittery fun. It was also a good little teaching moment since I showed him how we could mix two colors to make a new one. If it starts to get too liquidy on top, just pour another layer of baking soda over it and it’s like a new “page” of fun.

Easter Egg Dye Fun

Easter Egg Dye Fun

Easter Egg Dye Fun

What are your favorite Easter traditions? Dyeing Easter eggs is certainly one of my favorites with my boys – it’s definitely one we try to do each year. Even E was attempting to get in on the fun, except I had to keep telling him not to drink the dye! Oh, the joys of boys!

  • The baking soda experiment is just the coolest. I’m a sucker for fun experiments like that, even though I’m not a kid anymore. Oh well!

    We always dye eggs for Easter, except for last year because it was our wedding weekend. This year we are talking about dying double the amount of eggs for the lapse last year. I think glitter will have to be involved this time, those eggs are just too pretty.

    • Yes, double the eggs for sure!! Would love to see how you decorate them. We love us some sparkle. XO

  • Amber Oliver

    Love the glitter! I haven’t dyed eggs in so long. This looks fun!

    • It’s so much fun! Glitter makes everything better, doesn’t it? XO

  • Amy

    Cute! I bet my daughter would get a kick out of this. Though we’d most likely have to do this outside bc she’s a giant toddler mess at this point! Ha!

    • Oh yes, this can create a toddler mess so outside might be wise! Have fun! XO

  • This looks like so much fun! I don’t have kids yet but I still want to do it on my own :)

  • Amy Colliander Henning

    I am glad he had fun! Try ice cube trays for individual color experiments!