Egg Cups for Hungry Husbands

Breakfast is usually an on-the-go meal in our house, with the exception of lazy weekends when we roll out of bed and feast on crispy bacon, homemade omelets and everything in between. During the workweek, the hubs gets up early (really early) and an easy, hearty breakfast is a necessity. Usually he takes his breakfast to-go and eats in the car during his 30-minute commute. So something portable, mess-free and filling is required.

He’s a sucker for a repeat meal. The man loves his leftovers and really doesn’t mind eating the same thing 10 times in a row. But after six months of eating the same breakfast everyday, it was time for a change. On the menu? Egg cups.


Certainly veggies alone just won’t cut it in our house — must. have. protein. — so I had to come up with a hearty alternative to simple scrambled eggs. Taking fresh ingredients that we had on hand in the fridge (yellow bell peppers, purple onion, white American cheese and turkey breakfast sausage), I chopped everything up and dropped it into a bowl with six large farm-fresh eggs, beaten. I simply added a little freshly ground black pepper, dried basil, garlic powder and a pinch of salt and called it a day.

Using a six-cup muffin tin, I prepped the pan with a little cooking spray and poured the mixture in, filling each cup to the top. After hanging out in the 350-degree oven for about 20 minutes, they were ready to go! Now most recipes tell you to fill the cups halfway or something along those lines… but I must admit, I’m so happy with the way these turned out! They puffed up beautifully and were the perfect egg cup for my hungry husband.

Next time, I plan on lining the cups with a piece of turkey bacon and whipping up a little homemade salsa to serve on top. This is such a no-fuss breakfast option — I’ll likely try my hand at other combinations too!