The Naughty Cupcake

Naughty Brownie Ingredients

You may be going back to work and/or school this week after a week of fun known as Spring Break, or you may be rejoicing to sleep in late and stay in your pj’s all day long since you’re just kicking off your week of glee.

I did neither really…however, instead of feeling sorry for myself for not having a week off (or maybe because I was) I indulged and created something completely chocolatey, fudgy and sinfully delicious.

If you’re counting calories, this is probably not the dessert for you – but if you’re looking for something fun (and easy) to make with the kiddos and break up any kind of monotony this week, this recipe will do just that – as well as satisfy your chocolate craving!

Naughty Cupcake

Naughty Cupcake


– 1 box of brownie mix (I used a Betty Crocker mix with chocolate chunks…I know!)
– 1 pkg of Pillsbury’s Chocolate Chip ready-to-bake cookies
– 1 pkg of Oreo cookies
– 1 can of cream cheese frosting
– cupcake paper liners


1. Pretty simple – follow the instructions on the back of the brownie box (my box required an egg and some vegetable oil). Line your cupcake pans with the paper liners.

2. Break off sections of the Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies and place one at the bottom of each cupcake well. Then add an Oreo cookie on top of that – oh yes, it’s getting good!

3. Once your pan is filled with the layers of cookies, pour about a quarter cup of the brownie mix over the top of each well.

4. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 18 – 20 minutes. I don’t like my brownies too “done” so I took mine out a little early.

5. Let cupcakes cool and then frost with the cream cheese frosting. *TIP: If you want pretty frosting, fill a Ziploc bag with the frosting and cut off a small corner. It’s an instant piping bag and it was the perfect way to let my 5-year-old frost his own special cupcake.

Just one of these terribly tasty cupcakes will leave you with a sense of chocolate heaven – even though they’re ooey gooey and oh-so naughty! I enjoyed mine one late night with a big tall glass of milk. It was the perfect ending to a long day of work and the boys could not have been more excited to have layers and layers of cookie surrounded in rich brownie! What cooking adventures do you have planned for this week?

  • Meg Scholz

    5 please. Right now… screw the wedding diet!!

  • These look delicious!!! I may need to make these to take to Easter brunch…

    • Oh, trust us, they were! And they’d make the perfect sweet treat!

  • Yum!! I’m obsessed with anything and everything that involves cream cheese! I must try these!

    • If you want to get really fancy – make your own cream cheese frosting – let us know how they turn out!

  • Naughty indeed & I love it!!

    • Thanks Ariana! It’s easy for this cupcake to be sweet and naughty at the same time! ;)

  • Oreos AND cream cheese frosting, be still my heart. These look divine! I’ll trade you drinks for cupcakes.