Something Worth Celebrating


Wow, thank you for all of the birthday calls, texts, emails and social media love yesterday! It was a low-key day but I managed to sneak in a few cocktails, lunch with a dear friend, a party-ready mani/pedi and a delicious dinner out with the hubs. It’s hard to believe that my 20s have now come and gone. I feel like I just celebrated my 21st birthday in the cobblestone streets of Florence, Italy. People have said that your 30s are even better than your 20s — and if that’s the case, I certainly have lots to look forward to.

It’s a weird thing, being 30. You no longer fit into the category of “20-something” but you’re now “in your 30s” … whatever that really means. Older, wiser? I’m not so sure. I don’t know where I saw myself at 30 but I can say that I’m pretty jazzed to see what this next decade has in store. And I’m particularly pumped about celebrating with all of my friends and family tomorrow night… heyyyy birthday party!

In the meantime, today is likely to be a little crazy. Without getting into too many details, we’ve been busy (very busy) with the house hunt. It’s a stressful thing, this whole concept of finding the perfect house. I’ve had to learn that patience — although certainly not one of the qualities I possess much of — is critical when trying to find a home. You have to be flexible, creative, open-minded. And I’ll be the first to admit that real estate lingo is far from something that comes naturally to me. To say that we have learned a LOT throughout this process would be an understatement.

Yet it’s tremendously exciting, that’s for sure.

The idea of having something to really put your name on. The thought of starting a family within your own walls. It’s cliche, sure, but this is one of the single most meaningful times in our life. You know: the big. next. step. And I feel like there’s something significant to be said for buying your first house — a moment of great accomplishment, pride, excitement and the promise of more.

I always say that the hubs and I have taken the road less traveled and trust me, we have definitely enjoyed the ride. But this whole settling down thing seems pretty spectacular too. And while it’s been stressful and frustrating and there have been those moments when I’ve wanted to pull my hair out, I keep reminding myself of the light at the end of the tunnel. A home to call ours.

Happy Friday, the weekend is nearly here! Let’s see what being a 30-something is all about.

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