We Were Made to THRIVE


This past weekend was jam-packed with nearly too many amazing things to count, including a few firsts. We attended a brand new blogging conference in Houston aptly named Thrive for Bloggers and it was completely eye-opening from start to finish.

The lovely ladies who started it all — Whitney and Bree — planned an incredible line-up of inspirational speakers, practical tutorials and most of all created an affordable platform for bloggers like ourselves to attend a very valuable networking opportunity.

Not only did we attend Thrive with an eager mindset ready to learn and apply our knowledge to grow this little ole blog but we were honored to be the decor partner of the conference (!!!) and had the fun task of creating a beautiful setting for everyone to enjoy! This was certainly another first for us and one we were glad to take on. Here’s a peek at how it all turned out!


Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - ruthieandrose.com

Thrive Blog Conference - shop.ruthieandrose.com

We wanted the centerpieces to be whimsical and pretty with some sweets to snack on throughout the day… taffy, chocolate, mints, marshmallows — and it was a huge hit! And truth be told, the trick to our balloon wall backdrop was late-nite pizza with a team of five friends who were helpful and determined to see it come to life, no matter how many balloons we had to tie!

The beautiful Ashley Lemieux of The Shine Project was the first of many who shared her story while educating and inspiring us along the way. All of the guest speakers were insightful, down-to-earth and had the attitude of allowing for a sense of community.

Check out these other amazing ladies who Thrive:

Audra Kurtz – The Kurtz Corner // Caroline Harper Knapp – House of Harper

Ashley Lastovica – Fancy Ashley // Megan Silianoff – Greetings from Texas

Sarah Skaggs – Pretty Providence // Meg Cady Scholz – Everyday Meg

Rachel Matthews – A Southern Fairytale // Kristyn Merkley – Lil’ Luna

Thrive also invited us to take part in their marketplace where we hosted our first space for The Shoppe while debuting our brand new cocktail print collection! We were thrilled to bring these new prints to life and share our dream with others who have like-minded passions.

Shop the new cocktail collection here.

Many thanks to Meg Cady and her mad photog skills for sharing her gorgeous photos with us! You guys, this gal is an absolute hoot and such a gem.

We are thrilled to have met so many incredible people and forged friendships with others who have similar goals and dreams. The conference was not only a place to soak in the experience and multitude of resources; it created a community. We can’t wait to put our new-found knowledge into practice and THRIVE!

We vote for Thrive to be an annual thing… Who’s with us?!

  • Is bi-annual asking too much? It was that great!
    The decor turned out beautiful and fun! Plus my table couldn’t get enough of the pink marshmallows. It was so lovely meeting the both of you, and thank you again, for the opportunity to go to Thrive.

    • Ohh, bi-annual would be even better!! Thanks so much for your sweet words on the decor. We are so happy you loved it! It took everything in our power not to eat all the yummy candy during set-up, ha! xo

  • You girls are seriously the awesomest. I had a blast hanging out with you and helping out. The decorations were AMAZING! Great job! And yes, annual!!!!!!!!

    • THANK YOU! You are the most fun ever!! We had such a blast hanging with you, too, and now know who to call for gum duty. ;) xo

  • Whitney H

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We couldn’t have done this without you. You gals are amazing! The room looked gorgeous. Come decorate my house now? :)

    • aww well thank you!! we are so thrilled to have been part of it. congratulations on a hugely successful event, lady!! giant kudos. xoxo

  • Mandi Roach

    It was a gift getting to meet you and acquainted with your work/blog. I am excited to be following along all your magic! XOXO

    • Thanks Mandi! You are a doll and we loved meeting you too. Your blog is beautiful. Hope to see you again soon! xo

  • Meg Scholz

    There is no one else I would have wanted to stay up with till 2:30 in the morning blowing up balloons with!!! Everyone kept commenting on how GREAT the room looked so this for sure goes in the win category! Y’all rock! Muah!!

    • Haha, we loved the late night! You were such a team player – thank you thank you for your help!! Plus you captured the decor in such an effortless and beautiful way – you’re the best! xo

  • I’m so glad I found your blog, I had such a great time! Wish I had the chance to chat with you gals more!

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