Favorite Toddler Products

Toddler Products Final

There are numerous resources out there for top baby products – everything from the best pacifiers to soothe your infant to bottles that are so high-tech they almost guarantee a gas-free baby. (No, not kidding!)

However, it seems that so much focus is placed on the baby and infant needs (perhaps because it’s all so new and exciting) that when your baby inevitably turns into a teetering, talking toddler (and believe me, it will happen) even seasoned moms can feel left in the dark when it comes to finding just the right products for a this tricky transition stage of their little lives.

So I wanted to share with you my top five favorite toddler products I use for my little guy each and every day – and what a difference they make whether we’re at home or on-the-go! Do you have a favorite that you find yourself always using for your toddlering person? I’d love to know!

Clockwise from top right:

Lovie // Sippy Cups // Shoes // Toddler Backpack // Umbrella Stroller