DIY – Tiny Tot Valentine’s


This year, my preschooler is having quite the shindig at his school for Valentine’s Day (oh, don’t you remember the days of the candies and love notes?) and we put quite the energy and time towards getting ready for this oh-so important day.

I felt like I was forgetting something – or someone! My youngest (18-months!) has six cute kiddos in his daycare and I wanted to give them a special treat as well. My MIL gave me the best idea and it sounded so easy. I thought, “I can totally do that given the very short amount of time I have and with the crazy schedule that this week has turned out to be!” So I dove in and decided to make fun treat bags that are perfectly age appropriate for even the smallest tots.

Supplies you’ll need:
Gerber Yogurt Melts (I also love the Jack & Emma yogurt melts too!)
Valentine bags (I found these at Hobby Lobby)
Colored card stock (I used red)
Stickers (optional)

Follow the easy how-to steps below and you’ll have adorable Valentine’s ready in no time!


The steps are fairly self-explanatory, but I began by hand-drawing a heart on the card stock for the tags (step 1) and used it as a template to trace and then cut the other heart tags (step 2).

I hand-wrote a cute message “You melt my heart” in step 3 and addressed the ‘To’ and ‘From’ on the back of each heart tag (not shown). Poke a hole in the tag for the ribbon (step 4) and after filling each of the bags (step 5), I measured and cut approximately 5-inch long pieces of ribbon to tie the bags (step 6).

And voila! These Valentines are imperfectly pretty and they were so easy to make – a must for a mom like me who had lots of other Valentine’s to prepare with my preschooler! Plus the tiny tots are sure to enjoy the treats and they’re at least not half-bad for them – making their Valentine’s Day extra sweet!