Hideaway Organization

Hideaway Storage1

Almost a year ago, my husband took a new position within his company and he had the opportunity to work from home. While as wonderful as it was, in the back of my mind, I wondered where on earth was he going to actually…work?

It was certainly a metamorphosis that took nearly all of this past year to sort through and get him settled into a workplace area that fit all of his needs. At first, I thought there was a simple solution. We have a seating area in our master bedroom with a desk that had become a catch-all of sorts. We cleaned it up and he tried it out for a few weeks, however, the space lacked lighting and he felt segregated from the rest of the house.

So the hubs requested a space downstairs. This was a bigger challenge. He moved all of his papers and laptop to the kitchen table. Well, if you’ve ever been to my home, you would know my kitchen table sits in a space between my living area and the kitchen. It’s the table we congregate around for meals, homework, projects and mail sorting. It was not ideal – for anyone.

There was one last option and I had a tight grip on it…my beautiful dining room. We had just recently added the finishing details to the room and I just didn’t think it would work, nor did I actually want it to work. Turns out my friends, sometimes you are just wrong.


Hideaway Storage3

So withholding every fiber of my being not to pounce all over my poor husband who was trying to still get in the groove of this new, more stressful job, I let go and let him take over the space. Turns out, it works perfectly for him.

He has enough space to spread out and I found the most perfect piece of furniture (from Target) and granted, it sits in the hallway that is near the dining room, but it holds all of his papers and supplies so that I don’t always have to see his work strewn about. Plus it’s great for when we host get-togethers, which we often do, so he can organize and neatly put his work away so we can have some time for play.