January Wish List

We’re already halfway through the month and I’m just now thinking about my wish list — wasn’t New Year’s Eve like, yesterday? Up until this point, the hubs and I have been so consumed with moving or work commitments, that setting time aside to be together without any distractions has been next to impossible. And now that we’re starting to feel more and more settled in Houston, it’s time to focus on having some fun for ourselves.

On the schedule: New York in February and New Mexico in April… cue the excitement!

I’ve been known to over pack and being efficient with my choices is always a struggle. It’s funny because I can be the most decisive person on the planet but when it comes to packing, I just give up and bring everything “just in case” — hey, I never said I was the practical type…

So this spring, I’m determined to add some multi-functional pieces to my closet for these trips that will make life (and travel) a little more stress-free. The key is packing versatile items that are cute enough to run around with the chicest of New Yorkers but comfy enough to keep my feetsies happy at the end of a long day.

Sidenote: have you seen this video about “bundle wrapping” to avoid wrinkles? I think I’m going to give it a go and pray for easy packing.

Other must-haves include a brightly-colored crossbody (like this beauty from GiGi New York) and a notebook to document our travels. How cute is this NYC skyline notepad? So perfect!

I’d love to hear your packing and travel tips — I need all the help I can get! ;)

january_wishlist 2015

check coat, Zara | sneakers, Steve Madden | sunnies, TOMS | hat, Nordstrom
New Balance sneakers, Anthropologie | scarf, Forever 21 | crossbody bag, GiGi New York
NYC skyline notebook, Marc Jacobs