Whistle While You Work(out)

It’s no secret that everyone resolves to get fit and fabulous in the new year — and naturally, I’m jumping back on the bandwagon too. I’ve fallen a little behind on my workout regimen since moving back to Houston and I attribute most of that to the amazing food and fun we’ve been enjoying nonstop since the summer. Nevertheless, the scale is not my friend these days and I am not happy to see the lbs packing back on.

So, I’ve set a reminder on my phone to go off every single day at noon to remind me of the weight I want to be and what it takes to get there. Nothing major — again, we’re talking about reachable, meaningful goals — but something to motivate me and get my tush back in gear.

Another motivation? New workout clothes! I have two pairs of these Nike workout pants that I wear ALL THE TIME (they are absolutely amazing) but they are starting to show the wear and I need to add some new items to the rotation. I started following a number of motivational, fit and inspirational women on Instagram lately (Jessica is one of my favorites) and her workout wardrobe is out of this world. So I’ve started eying new brands and colorful picks, like these:


Lucy | lululemon | Ellie

PS, I got these wireless earbuds for the holidays and they have completely changed my workout! I love the no-fuss style (hooray for no cord!) plus, they are incredibly comfortable and the sound quality is basically noise cancelling. Highly recommend.

How do you motivate yourself to get to the gym? Let’s kick our butts together!