Finding the Meaning: Happy New Year!


There’s always been this unspoken pressure and stress to do something above-and-beyond for New Year’s Eve. I really do love the whole idea behind a blow-out party to celebrate the New Year. Sparkle, confetti, getting dolled up for a night of champagne cocktails (my fave) and usually some sort of ridiculous dancing, singing at the top of your lungs and of course, the countdown and kiss.

But sometimes I feel like it’s more stress than it’s really worth. So this year, we opted for a night in — a dinner party at Julie‘s house! We couldn’t be more excited to ring in the New Year with friends old and new.

While I’m still in awe that 2014 has already come and gone, I’m really looking forward to 2015. Not because of any grand plans or big adventures (although, I do hope for some!) but mostly because it naturally gives you a fresh start. I’ve been getting a lot of inspiration from Instagram over the last few days — particularly these two posts by Shay and Cathy — and have given a lot of thought to what the New Year really means for me this year.

And that’s just it: meaning.

I wish for nothing more than to find meaning in the decisions I make in 2015. The meaning may not always be obvious right away — and in some instances may take a long time to see — but I hope for more purpose, clarity, truth, honesty and definition in the next 365 days.

– I will declutter my life of unnecessary stress and anxiety over silly, trivial things.
– I will make meaningful choices that surround myself and those I love with pure joy.
– I will learn from my mistakes and realize the reason behind each lesson.
– I will express more meaningful gratitude for the love and support I receive.
– I will set boundaries and give myself the “me” time I need.
– I will listen more, with an open heart and open mind.
– I will encourage others to follow their dreams and ambitions.
– I will set reachable goals that allow me to succeed and thrive.
– I will live with intention each and every day.
– I will define my life in my own way.

It may sound simple but it’s easily the most challenging resolution I’ve set for myself yet.

Whatever your heart desires in the New Year, may you find it in 2015.

Cheers to finding meaning — Happy New Year!