DIY – Hefty Holiday Treat Bags


Ho-ho-ho – happy holidays, my friends! Yes, it still counts as the holidays, and yes, I still have little goodies to bake and gifts to give. Our friends at Hefty have brought us some nifty crafting inspiration and a super simple DIY idea to take care of all your last minute giftables.

You can make these adorable Hefty holiday treat bags in a flash! These templates are simple enough that I could have designed something similar myself, but why spend the time and energy when Hefty has done the hard work for me already! Here are the supplies you’ll need to gather and the steps to make it all happen.


Supplies you’ll need:

Hefty Storage Bags (I used the quart size)
Printed holiday templates provided by Hefty
– Scissors
– Ribbon
– Tape
– Double-sided tape or photo adhesive squares
– Optional: Festive stickers or holiday tags
– Nice if you have one: Paper cutter and a hole punch

20141230_090002 (2)

Step 1: Decide on how many treat bags you want to make and print the desired number of templates provided by Hefty. Aren’t they so fun? After gathering the necessary supplies, first begin by cutting off the excess from the Hefty holiday templates. They’ll look something like the pictures below when cut.




Step 2: Take the first cut template and fold in half over the line. *Tip: Use sharp scissors to trim any excess off to make the labels flush on both sides when folded. This provides a neat and clean look.


Step 3: Get out your Hefty bags and fill ’em with your holiday treats and goodies! I have some sugar cookies, peanut butter balls and peppermint bark – yummo! *Tip: I forgot to do this before filling my treat bags – use a permanent marker to write the contents of the bag in the convenient label space located on the Hefty bags.



Step 4: Place a filled Hefty bag within the template label like above. I used the “Open” and “Closed” markings on the bag as a guide for where to attach the labels. You want the labels to be far enough above the top of the Hefty bag so you can punch holes to tie your ribbon.


Step 5: Using double-sided tape or photo adhesive squares, place on the lower four corners of the template and attached to the bag. The label will look like the one below when all corners are adhered to the bag. This seems to be the cleanest way to attach the labels so you don’t see any tape on the outside. *Tip: If you don’t have double-sided tape or photo squares, you can do the old fold-over trick with regular Scotch tape to do the trick! I’m a crafter, so I always have these other supplies on hand. ;)



Step 6: Using a hole punch or the point of your scissors, create a hole in the marked spots on the label for your ribbon.


Step 7: Insert your choice of ribbon through the front of the left hole and the back of the right hole. Tie into a bow! *Tip: I had some cute little holiday chipboard tags that I decided to dress up my treat bags with. I slipped the ribbon through first before I tied the bows. See photos below to see how they came out!



Ta-da! I love how they turned out – don’t you? This super simple project only took me about 20 minutes from start to finish. Of course, if you’re making more than three treat bags, it may take a little while longer. The great part is that you can dress up your Hefty treat bags however you’d like and you can personalize them with the space Hefty provided on the labels – so cute!

You can find more fun and easy craft ideas here on Hefty’s website. Happy holiday treat making!