What’s in My Bag


I have been wanting to do a “what’s in my bag” post for months now and it finally made it onto the calendar! But first, I’ll have to clarify – this is my “what I take to work” bag. It is not my baby bag that normally comes with me everywhere on the weekends. I’m happy to share that at another time, but wanted to show you a little peek into what I carry to work each day.

Let me tell you a little about the bag in and of itself. My beautiful Coach handbag is brought out each year around Thanksgiving and I use it all winter season long. It’s perfect because it works right through Valentine’s Day – after all, it’s the right color for the holiday and all the ones in between.

Anywho, the hubs and I took a celebratory trip to visit my sister and her husband right after we graduated college in December several (okay, a little more than several) years ago and my big sis surprised me with a Christmas splurge to the Coach store in New York City. This beauty caught my eye after we had perused all the gorgeous inventory and I just knew it was supposed to come home with me.







First things first in the bag – my Thirty-One carryall. This thing is like magic for keeping me organized. It holds bills, stamps and address labels, coupons and appointment cards. I don’t leave home without it. Next is my monthly planner – I’ve asked Santa to bring me this one from Erin Condren for 2015 – we shall see! This time of year, I always carry a spare pair of mittens; these navy gloves just happened to be in my bag from the last cold snap we had. My hands are always the first thing to freeze! Ear buds stay tucked into a tiny Vera Bradley pouch so I can chat hands-free on my phone or jam out to tunes at the office if it’s “one of those days.”

Next come the essentials: Samsung Galaxy S5 (in case you didn’t know, I’m a proud Android user), Coach wallet, Clinique compact and lipstick, Bath & Body Works lip gloss in a ruby red for the season, a mini Clinique “happy” spritzer, Anemone hand crème and Suave’s Keratin leave-in conditioner for smoothing fly-aways.

I also constantly carry a notepad and pens (for all the amazing ideas I have) and my mini Tory Burch wallet that holds our R&R cards (you can never have too many!) And that sums up what’s in my bag. It varies sometimes, but those are the basics. I hope you enjoyed the little tour!

P.S. See anything that looks a little familiar in that second photo? (*Hint: You’ll love the shoppe! What are you waiting for – go check it out!)