DIY: Holiday-scape


This time of year is filled with traditions that are near and dear to my heart and often remind me of my childhood. I have memories of my mom baking cookies in the kitchen while we decorated the tree. The sweet smell of sugar cookies filled the house along with the sounds of the season.

Each year, a tradition we always kept to was my mom playing Christmas carols on the piano while my sister and I sang along. The years have passed and I now have that same piano in my own home, and while I don’t play (a New Year’s resolution to take lessons will hopefully occur sometime in the future) it sits lovingly in the kids’ play room as a sweet reminder of the memories we had with her.

My mom always loved to decorate our home for the holidays and one place she included each year was the top of her piano. I decided to share my little DIY holiday-scape with you by mixing a little magic with a little tradition.





The Santa on the far right is circa 1980’s and was gifted by my husband’s grandmother. It adds a little merriment to the scape. The manger scene was gifted by my grandmother. The little figurines were made in Peru from out of magazines and glue. It’s special because it reminds me of the sacrifices her and my grandfather made when they were missionaries there long before I was ever born.

The wooden angel, on the far left, is a touch of my own and I’m still pulling out Christmas boxes to find my mom’s special decorations she placed out every holiday. But I’m thankful to add to the piano-topped collection and keep the tradition going!

Stay merry & bright!