November: Moments & Memories


Can you believe we’re already four days into December and Christmas Eve is just 20 days away? Where did November go? I was just baking my sweet potato souffle and enjoying a glass of wine with my turkey and stuffing. Let’s talk about that for just a minute – it’s crazy!

November entailed quite a few activities for our little family. The beginning of the month involved me still on the road for work but soon after we celebrated my kiddo’s fifth birthday. He got to play hookey from school and we took him out to Chuck E. Cheese. It was just the four of us and it was one of the best days to just get to…enjoy each other.

After a weekend in between, I had a huge culminating work event and then ended it with C’s fifth birthday party! All I can say is, thank goodness for mom-in-laws who will let you take over their house since yours has barely been touched in months due to traveling. I couldn’t have pulled it off without everyone’s help. He had a Spider-Man themed birthday thanks in part to Chasing Fireflies who so generously provided party supplies and decor.

Before you knew it, Thanksgiving was coming up fast. I got a little time off to just be a wife and mommy which was so refreshing. We baked pies at my mom-in-law’s and oh-my-goodness they turned out so incredibly delicious – I’ll be sharing my pecan pie recipe on Saturday – get excited, it’ll rock your world!

Here are me and my little helpers below – E’s shirt says “I’m definitely up to something.” Which was so true, he was up to his elbows in Tupperware at one point. He finally settled for a plastic spoon and a Pampered Chef quick cooker pot.





And here’s our growing little family – stuffed full from several delicious Thanksgiving meals. (Yes, that is a bounce house in the background – check out this funny slow-mo video we captured while the kiddos were having fun!)


The best thing about after Thanksgiving is tearing down the fall decorations and dressing the house up for the holidays. It’s still a work in progress, but at least the naked tree is up!

My last few moments of November were spent getting perfect shots of our new print collection for The Shoppe! If you haven’t yet – go check it out – like right now! They make great gifts for the holidays that are creeping up right around the corner and are the perfect thing to complete your gallery wall, nursery or home office space.

Cheers to it being (almost) Friday!