An ‘Amazing’ Birthday


My oldest turned five years old two weeks ago. Boy, time flies! Due to my crazy work schedule, we waited to celebrate with a big party last weekend. His birthday is exactly one week apart from Halloween, so every year, his birthday theme has, for the most part, gone along with whatever he chose to be for that day.

Well, the timing could not be more perfect and we partnered with some fabulous new friends over at Chasing Fireflies – their decor and products made my 5-year-old’s dream come true!

A little bit about what’s behind CF – they were created to celebrate childhood but also to celebrate parenthood. Do you remember the first time you ever rode a bike? Swam across the pool? Chased fireflies? It’s even more special the second time around when you share your child’s firsts.

Nothing could be more true and you can tell that their team takes great care in selecting quality children’s products that certainly charmed, surprised and delighted my little guy.

Since the end of September, C has been talking non-stop about Spider-Man, so I knew that had to be the theme for his big celebration this year. After working with Chasing Fireflies, I searched through their birthday themes and found a perfect match!

To my pleasant surprise, their Spiderman products were spot on and their variety allowed me to customize exactly the look I was going for. I took a little inspiration from the CF products and Pinterest and added in a few touches of my own including DIY cupcake toppers and some vintage Spidey posters.

And here’s how all the fun unfolded!


The hubby got involved too and discovered how to make perfect spider webs from black trash bags – this one was on the front door greeting guests.


A few quick drink wraps and some blue and red straws along with cups from CF and we had a Spider-worthy drink station.


This had to be one of my favorite pieces – the Brooklyn Bridge – the perfect place for cupcakes to hang out.


The city of New York came to life on the kitchen table where we served snacks and set up containers of “spider webs” that the kids had a blast with.



The birthday boy, patiently waiting for us to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him.


Diving in – blue frosting had been personally requested. How could you say no?


Blue puffs made for excellent ‘explosives’ and carried the comic book theme through to the dining area.


The kiddos each took home their own Spider tin with lots of goodies inside, including a vintage Spider-Man Pez!


C had such a good time helping me set it all up and he even stocked all the tins for each of his friends. This party is all he talks about – “Mom, I just loved all the Spiderman decorations and the really cool Spiderman stuff. It was awesome!” That certainly made my day pretty amazing!

If you want to learn more about Chasing Fireflies and their incredible line of party products, along with all the other fun things for kids – check them out on Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Courtesy Note: Chasing Fireflies is a brand that we believe in and love, and R&R was gifted the items featured in this post. All opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting R&R and the brands that support our blog.