Falling for Infinity

I spent over an hour last night reorganizing my closet for winter from top to bottom — not an easy feat! But now I’m feeling ready for the season with all of my favorite layers, sweaters and scarves at the forefront of my closet. And by the way… I’m a sucker for scarves. If you know me, then you are aware of this slight obsession. When scarf season hits, there’s rarely a day when I’m not wearing one. In fact, I have a bucket in my closet that is filled to the brim with pashminas and scarves alike — many of which I scooped up at a little kiosk in Las Vegas ($10 each!!) but that can be our little secret. ;)

This year though, I’ve been less inclined to wear my pashminas and excited to add some infinity scarves to my collection. They take the hassle out of tying the scarf and wrapping it just right. Instead, you loop once or twice and bam, done. That’s exactly the kind of simple style I live for.

I recently perused the scarf section of my beloved Target and found a TON of chunky, warm knit infinity scarves that are super soft, comfy additions to my wardrobe this winter. So today I’m sharing eight of my top Target picks, all $20 or less — I love me a good deal!


top row l-r: faux fur | solid knit | loose knit | TOMS for Target
bottom row l-r: floral print | infinity loop | chevron | knit infinity

The weekend is just around the corner… stay warm out there, friends!