My Fall-Styled Mantel


The mantel over my fireplace is in the middle of a reno right now – but I say that rather lightly. In reality, I just can’t decide what color it should be… I know – real-world problems, right? But when something, or even more so, a featured design in your home, is just not the right color and you live with it and look at it each and every day – it can tend to bother you – a little anyways.

When we moved into our home, the mantel was an old cream color which was well, old, worn out, and tired looking. So I decided to paint the mantel a deep, rich mahogany brown. It complimented the stain on our largest furniture piece in the living room, the entertainment center.

In the last year or so, we’ve made some little improvements here and there on the living room, mostly with textiles to help brighten the space such as beautiful patterned curtains (from Kohl’s), and lots of fun textured pillows (HomeGoods is one of my fave places for pillows). I began to think there was too much brown in the living room – so, you guessed it, the brown mantel had to go. I had a half-gallon of soft white that had been used on door trims and began to paint away one Saturday. Here’s the result thus far:


Life took over once again and it became something that didn’t quite get finished. Needless to say, when this fall season came and I finally got around to decorating, the mantel needed some serious d├ęcor. For now, it got a little help from pretty amber fall leaves, a large rustic red vase and candles and votives galore.


The glass bowl holds all different kinds of rocks we collected on our trip to Colorado this past summer. It’s a fun reminder of our first vacation as a family of four. And yes, those are cigar boxes you see there (thanks to the hubs who has too many to count). They add height and interest.


So there you have it – that’s my lovely little mantel! (If you look closely, there are paint samples in the background, but let’s just keep that between us, ok?)Perhaps when the holidays come around, I’ll take another Saturday to finish my project; it’s certainly long over-due! What motivates you to finish a home project?