On the Hunt: Entry Rug

Entry Rug

This weekend, I am on the hunt for the perfect floor rug to go by my back entry door. We use this entrance every day, multiple times a day. The back door connects our breakfast eating area and kitchen to the backyard and deck. We let our three doggies in and out through that entry and we live on our back deck on beautiful days like today.

So, needless to say, there is a lot of foot traffic that goes through that space. I’m shopping for an entry rug for this particular space and I need a piece that can take the rugged use. But I also want it to be pretty too!

We have dark wood laminate in the breakfast area, and my kitchen currently has a rustic Italian theme with dark reds, creams and greens found in nature. I don’t want something too traditional because I like still like to mix in a little modern – but I’m all about comfort and warmth. So here are a few beautiful options that bring in both function and style.

Entry Rug

Clockwise from top left:
// Home Decorators // Pottery Barn // Wayfair

I can’t quite decide on which is my favorite – several options are coined as indoor/outdoor rugs, so I’m learning more towards those choices. Mud, dirt and other more unpleasant outdoor elements go through this space each day, so I’m definitely needing a pattern that can hide the mess while still looking great.

Thankfully, these rugs are all fairly affordable and come in different sizes so I can find the right fit. What do you think – should I keep shopping, or do I have a winner?