Beauty Review: Products to Love

Until recently, I had the same hairstyle for most of my adult life. In case you missed it, I shared a little bit of that journey here. And with this new hairstyle comes new styling — and while I’m certainly no expert, I have to say that the biggest thing I’ve learned so far is that the hair products are just as important as the cut itself. With wavy hair that can be fussy and unruly at times, I tend to blow dry it or throw it up in a pony on a lazy day. I used to pick up some mousse or serum from the drugstore for styling, and while many of those products suffice, my locks have fallen in love with a few new products that are just divine.


First off, the Smooth Style Serum from Oribe. I hadn’t heard of this brand until recently when my new stylist introduced me to some of their great products. I’ve found that a little goes a long way (I use about a nickel-size amount) and the scent is some kind of magical. After towel-drying my hair, I run the product through the mid to bottom sections of my hair, avoiding the top of my head and near the scalp, so as to avoid greasiness, especially since I tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days.

Now for the styling… I used to use a paddle brush, mostly because it was the easiest, cheapest option at the drugstore. Yet with this new ‘do, I’ve come to love the round brush like it’s my best friend. Seriously. During my last trip to Drybar, I came home with their medium-sized round brush and haven’t turned back since. I love the soft volume the brush gives my hair and because it’s ceramic, it adds a bit of shine too. Using a round brush certainly takes some practice but it helps create the blowout look we all love.


When I’m finished blow drying, in comes Bumble and bumble’s cityswept finish. You guys, this is the real deal. It takes just a few spritzes in the underneath sections of my hair to really create a lived-in look that separates the hair, gives it some body and a great amount of added shine. I can’t say enough about this product!

But of course, there are those days when I am lazy or don’t have much time and just want to throw some product in my hair to jet out the door. If you have naturally wavy hair like me, then you’ve gotta try Bumble and bumble’s surf spray. One of the ingredients is sea salt — yes, sea salt — and it’s the best product I’ve found that doesn’t leave my hair crunchy (ugh, I hate that!) and instead creates nice, beachy waves that aren’t frizzy or untamed. I usually pair this product with the cityswept finish… and bam, waves for days.

There you have it, friends! While they may cost a little more, I highly recommend these products. The results speak for themselves. If you do happen to try them out, I would love to hear what you think! It’s safe to say I’m never having long hair again. ;)