The Best Thrill of My Life

I’m not adventurous by nature. I rarely venture out of my comfort zone and spontaneity isn’t really in my veins. Yet on my 29th birthday last March, I promised myself I would do something daring, out of my norm, adventurous and spontaneous before I turned 30.

So yesterday, I jumped out of an airplane.

It was the single most thrilling, invigorating and most amazing experience of my life — and was easily the second best day of my life, next to my wedding day. Surprisingly, I wasn’t even that nervous until it was time to jump out of the plane. I anticipated being pretty nervous on the ride up but was cool and calm, and then it just… happened. There’s no turning back. You gotta just pray and jump. So, I did.



There are really no words to describe the feeling you have when you jump out of a plane and into the clouds. The free fall is pretty spectacular — and a little crazy — but when the parachute opens, it’s nothing but smooth sailing. The view is nothing I could’ve ever imagined. It’s so surreal. I was completely in awe of the beauty I was experiencing in that very moment.

If you’ve ever jumped, then you know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t, do it. If you’re like me and it’s completely unlike you or out of your comfort zone or scary as all hell, DO IT. Challenge yourself to new heights and new thrills. If this isn’t your challenge, try something else. Be daring, be bold. I can’t wait to choose my promise for my 30th birthday… and while it may be a bit quieter, it will certainly be just as meaningful.