Style for a Mommy-on-the-Go


Since having two kids, I have learned to simplify many things in my life. Along the way, I learned how to not over think my wardrobe and to keep things easy and fuss-free. However, I will tell you my friends, that simple does not mean having to sacrifice great style.

A no-iron breezy button down, colorful jeans and a seasonally stylish handbag with some hardware details make up the good bones of this easy-to-care-for outfit, don’t you agree? Add a few simple accessories and I’m ready to cross those errands off my list, with preschooler and baby in-tow.


I’ll admit, I hate ironing – who has time for it? So when I shop for blouses, I look for wrinkle-reducing materials as well as shrink-free fabrics to guarantee a great fit after every wash. Because you know, as a mom, you have little time to shop for yourself anyways!


With my gold gladiator sandals (because it’s Texas and yes, it’s still warm here!) and some bright bangles, I’m feeling comfortable without foregoing my style!


This is one of my most favorite bags. With two compartments, I can have one side for my things (wallet, keys, phone, lip gloss and the inevitable notepad with handwritten lists) and the other side for baby (spare diapers, wipes, bottle or sippy cup and the inevitable container of Cheerios that somehow always tends to spill out into the bag).

These pieces are all from a few of my favorite shops, albeit, Laurie is helping me branch out of my comfort zones when it comes to brands and shops. :)

Top – NY&C // Pants – Old Navy // Handbag – Nordstrom // Sandals – Payless