Sensory Play on a Rainy Day


A cool front has come through this morning and that meant a nice thundershower at our house. However, that also meant keeping two energetic boys occupied…indoors. So I got a little creative and found something fun to keep them busy plus it created a neat learning experience.


Step 1 – Gather all needed materials: Ziploc bags, clear packing tape, blue shower or bath gel, confetti or glitter.


Step 2 – Squeeze shower or bath gel into one of the Ziploc bags. Fill less than half way – you don’t want to overfill!


Step 3 – Now for the glitter and confetti!


Step 4 – Close Ziploc bag and get out any excess air. Then seal with clear packing tape to guard against leaks.


The kiddos love their new sensory bags! Fun to make and fun to play with!

This project didn’t cost me a dime – I had the materials and scoured the bath for some leftover shower gels and found some glitter in my craft room. Hope your Saturday is filled with sunshine – if not, get creative and make a neat sensory toy for your little tots!