Apples & Honey

Can we pause for a second and do a little happy dance for Friday?! I’m so over-the-moon excited to see the weekend — and I’m sure you are too.

Yesterday was such a sweet, special day for me. It was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year and the start of the year 5775. Since we’re now living back in Houston, it was the first time in several years that we were able to share the holiday with family. And after two rounds of services and lots of prayer (along with plenty of apples and honey), I was reminded of what this holiday is all about. Sure, it’s the start of a new year. New beginnings and plenty to look forward to. Yet in the midst of all that sweetness, I took a moment to really reflect and feel thankful and blessed. It’s truly amazing… this gift we call life. We don’t often take a step back, breathe in the fresh air and appreciate this life we live.

The rabbi showed this video as part of Wednesday night’s service and I think it applies to all faiths, cultures and people. Whether you celebrate Rosh Hashanah or not, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Happy weekend, loves! Make it count.