Chop, Chop

Just a few years ago, my hair was super crazy long. Yet thick, long hair does not agree with the hot Texas heat and frankly, it’s just too much work. The blow drying takes forever and ain’t nobody got time for that.

Since then, I’ve slowly but surely been cutting my hair. I made the big leap to shoulder-length then great layers and now, SHORT! When I moved back to Houston almost two months ago (holy cow, time flies), I was in search of a new salon so naturally I turned to my girlfriends for some recs. I ended up at Craft and all you Houston ladies, let me tell you, it’s all kinds of fabulous. I sipped bubbles and had a ball. My stylist was just darling and I knew right away that we were going to be a good match.

I told her to have fun with it but of course, leave it long enough to put up for my workouts. And before I knew it, she was chopping, texturizing and doing magic with my mane. I was a little nervous but I knew I’d feel refreshed and a new haircut was just what I needed for this new phase of life. And friends, I’m in hairstyle heaven.


My new do has volume, layers, texture, sass and personality. I’ve blown it out with a round brush and also worn it wavy. It’s versatile, easy and less time consuming — all things I desperately wanted in a hairstyle. I just love it! I came home with some great new products from Oribe (OMG it’s amazing) and Bumble & Bumble too. I can’t wait to share more about these fab styling products on the blog soon! Stay tuned for reviews in the coming weeks.

  • Laura

    I love your new cut! Do you have any more picures of it?

    • Thanks Laura!! Didn’t take a ton of pics but follow Laurie’s Instagram because surely she’ll post more soon! :)

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