DIY: Beach Art


I love to collect things from our family trips and the beach is no exception. And there’s something so unique and personal about creating a keepsake from your family vacation. We’re down at the Texas coast this weekend, soaking in the last bit of summer before the fall officially sets in. It’s been great to get away from the mundane household chores and really spend some quality time with the kiddos.

When we get back to reality – sometimes you just need a little piece of the beach in your home – whether in your office, the bathroom or a guest room. This fun DIY project is so simple and it’s also fun for the kiddos to help make. Plus it’s the perfect little reminder of those family memories that will last a lifetime.


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Things you’ll need:

– A glass milk jar, mason jar or a small apothecary jar
– A cork or lid for your jar (highly recommended, especially if it’s something the kiddos will want to look at)
– Sand from your beach trip
– A variety of small, colorful sea shells and coral pieces

Simply fill your jar with the sand from your trip and arrange the coral and seashells on top to create a little scene. Close the lid or insert a cork piece to secure the top.

Make it personal by using a colorful marker or stickers to put your family name and the date and place of your trip on the jar. Add a colorful ribbon, raffia or rope to tie around the neck of the bottle for extra character.

We made one from our trip last year and it turned out to be more of a fun look and find jar for my 4-year-old. We filled it with tiny shells we found on the beach that mixed in with the sand. So each time he picks up the jar and turns it over, he discovers something new! This naturally brings back the memories of our trip for him and the fun times we had as a family. I can’t wait to make another from our trip for this year! Are there special mementos that you love to save from your vacations?