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I’m sipping on Alka-Seltzer while sneezing and holding back the sniffles. No, I wish I could say I just read a really touching blog post, but alas, I think this is my body’s way of saying, “Slow down!” So I wanted to share a little link love for all the bloggers who keep me inspired to continue churning out fresh ideas here at R&R.

As a mommy of two, there’s something that provides an extra boost in my will-power when I read about other moms who also work, have a busy schedule with young kiddos and also manage to keep their personal passion alive with blogging. I tip my hat to you ladies for bringing joy, laughter and tears along the way!

LinkLove Final Collage

Not Consumed // Silhouette Blog // Tater Tots & Jello // A Night Owl Blog // Meg O. On the Go // A Cup of Jo

From new easy recipes, to DIY projects for the kids – these ladies have the right balance that keeps me energized and re-inspired. Have a fabulous Tuesday and check out some of these great reads – you never know what you’ll find!