August: Moments & Memories

August Collage

August has been a busy month with work, parent orientations, back to school and blogging! So in order to say goodbye to August and hello to September, I’ve compiled a quick recap of little happenings from this past month.

Baby’s First Birthday

Elijah turned one back in late July, but we didn’t get a chance to celebrate until the first weekend in August. What a fun-filled day with friends and family – the best part was getting to see him dig into his mini chocolate cake!

Back to School

Pre-K came quickly for us and it seems as though this year will fly by and before you know it, my oldest will be a Kindergartener! In an effort to plan ahead, I dedicated a week of fun back-to-school posts in order to be prepared for what will inevitably come next year. From after school snacks to organizing all those projects, I certainly think we’ll be ready! It wasn’t all about the kids tho – you need office supplies too!

Home Organization

Once the topic of back to school stopped feeling so daunting, I wanted to tackle our shoe issue in our home. Living with so many boys creates a challenge. The challenge is for me to keep my cool and their challenge is to pick up after themselves. These shoe organizing tips should do the trick! *Cross your fingers!

Something Just for Me

After taking care of everyone else, I decided I need a little R&R for myself! I was in need of a new skincare routine and I think I found the perfect Simple solution!

Goodbye August – and hello to September! How will you start off this new fall season?