Shoe Clutter Conquered


Closet, hallway, downstairs, upstairs – shoes are everywhere in our house! From little tiny shoes, my sandals and the hubby’s three pairs of tennis shoes that he insists needing, we have all sizes and styles that need to be organized.

So I decided to compile my most favorite ways to organize shoes in different areas of the house. Hopefully this will provide a little inspiration for ways to to keep shoes at hand but neatly tucked away.


For the bedroom closet – Apartment Therapy


For the hall closet – Better Homes & Gardens


For the living room – Glitter Guide


For the entryway – IKEA

Here are some other ideas from one of my favorite stores – The Container Store. Get your shoes organized today – your closets, hallways and living spaces will thank you!

  • What great ideas! I have a feeling my closet is going to need an organization overhaul soon, especially in the shoe department!!