So Simple Skincare


I have been looking for a new simple skincare regimen for a while now. I’ve tried a lot of different products in the past which has been both good and bad.

Good because I have gotten to try out numerous types of skincare products – who doesn’t love to try new things? My skin has always been an experiment of sorts since my skincare needs have changed a lot through the years, especially after having two kiddos.

But it’s also not so great because I’ve never felt like there was one product line out there made just for me. So when I ran out of my current facial wash (Alba Botanica) I decided it was time for a change…again.

While I would love to eventually try Beautycounter that BAC of Hosting & Toasting recently featured, it’s a little out of my budget at the moment. (Aren’t their products just beautiful!) Plus, I need something fast and easy for my routine – I’m sort of a low maintenance gal when it comes to beauty products – but I love them nonetheless!

Enter Simple into the picture. With multi-vitamins that are oh-so-good for your skin, no parabens (for all you pregger people), no artificial perfumes or dyes, plus it’s dermatologist tested – I was all over it! And they pride themselves as the sensitive skin experts – bonus!


The name Simple alone stood out to me. But after reading the ingredients and all the little details that make it unique, I thought I’d give it a try.


My skin has changed so much after having two boys, but this facial wash is so gentle and leaves my skin feeling soft and not dried out.


I tend to get a few dry patches in different areas of my face, so this scrub was a must to add to my routine. It’s very gentle and the scrub is really fine, so it feels like it cleans out my pores deep down.


I love love love this moisturizer! It has SPF 15 and goes perfect under makeup. It’s oil free, so you don’t feel like your smearing on a thick, greasy layer. It dries quickly and just leaves my skin supple and refreshed.

What’s your beauty routine like? Do you change it as often as I do – or do you stick to one brand? I’d love to hear – as you know, I’m always trying something new!